Thursday, 17 May 2012

Coming to God in prayer

From Clarke, commenting on Jairus in the gospels:

To be successful in our applications to God by prayer, four
things are requisite; and this ruler teaches us what they are.

First, A man should place himself in the presence of God-he came
unto him.

Secondly, He should humble himself sincerely before God-he fell
down before him-at his feet. Mr 5:22.

Thirdly, He should lay open his wants with a holy earnestness-he
besought him greatly. Mr 5:23.

Fourthly, he should have unbounded confidence in the power and
goodness of Christ that his request shall be granted-put thy hand
upon her, and she shall live. He who comes in this way to God,
for salvation, is sure to be heard.

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