Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The consistent implications of public secularism (part 9531)

When you abolish the idea of God and his moral law and a future day of
judgment from the public square, and as you become more consistent in
working out all the many implications of that down the years, you come
to realise that the only tool you have left is to make everything bad
into something illegal and criminal.

Secular societies have officially abolished the idea of Christ
progressively discipling the nations beginning with the preaching of the
gospel, as the main basis for better societies. They have banished from
their thinking the idea that there may be many behaviours today that we
have to tolerate whilst disapproving whilst we work and pray for a
better tomorrow (which is ultimately certain, because Christ is at God's
right hand). In a consistently secularist eschatology there can only be
here-and-now secularist incentives and rewards left; and all you can
ultimately do to make tomorrow better is legislate, legislate,
legislate. Once you have no confidence in any higher power, it's just
the Big Man in government applying the carrot and stick.

Today's case in point:

Welcome to the brave new world. Going down this path of a
government-enforced secularist utopia was tried before in certain
Eastern and Northern European and Asian countries in the 20th century.
Didn't turn out too well.

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