Saturday, 19 November 2011

The "prosperity theology" versus the apostle Paul

A friend's ring-tone sounded... it went like this: "You are blessed in your family... blessed in your body... blessed in your finances... blessed in your business... no weapon forged against you can prosper... this is yours in the mighty name of Jesus!"

That's a typical traditional African religion, with the imported name of Jesus playing the role of the powerful incantation that brings you the blessings and wards off the curses.

Me: "I wonder what the apostle Paul would have made of that. How about this one: 'You are ship-wrecked on your journeys... your body beaten with the 39 lashes 5 times... you will face death daily and be naked, hungry, full of pain... in danger always from false brethren... this is yours in the mighty name of Jesus!"

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