Monday, 28 November 2011

The masters of the universe!

Man in sin tries to be God. He waves his hands; he speaks; new realities
leap into being!

The secular West has been trying this in the last generation. Political
Messiahs have been offered to us as never before. Our new economic
masters wave their hands; prosperity results! They give speeches - a
just and equal society springs into being! They parade their faces on TV
and billboards - and a new glory arises!

What seems to be dawning more upon thinking people in 2011 with all of
its difficult realities is just how hollow this all has turned out to
be. The new masters of the economic universe have waved their hands
and... economies collapse. The lords of politics give speeches and...
people merrily riot quite oblivious to anything they said. The providers
of a fair education for all send forth new politices and... standards
continue to plummet as if they'd done nothing.

The promise of a being led to a new utopia without submission to Jesus
Christ, being led there science, technology, democracy, the UN/EU, human
rights, etcetera, etcetera, turns out to be a hollow one. Secularism is
proving itself to be bankrupt. It's quite remarkable how short a time
the present crises have taken to fall down upon us, if you take a longer
view of history. We now have in the UK a political class who have spun
their images as the bestowers of unimaginable and unending benefits for
all almost to perfection; but how impotent they have revealed themselves
to be. Their policies defied basic laws of creation - of righteousness,
truth and mathematics; and now they are beginning to reap the whirlwind.

That's not a reason for Christians to be depressed. It's one for us to
knuckle down and get on with the way that will actually work - not
spinning ourselves out to be "Masters of the Universe!", but faithfully
serving the one who is, and who will in due time reveal who truly is
Lord of Lords and King of Kings. The false mirages of secular utopia
will fade away; but the kingdom of God will grow forever and ever; the
stone cut out without hands will continue to expand until the mountain
covers the earth.

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