Friday, 4 November 2011

Explain this if you can....

After his team, Queens Park Rangers, drew 2-2 with Cardiff City on 23rd April, manager Neil Warnock said this:
"We defended like fairies in the first half but the first two goals could have come straight out of the Premier League."
Are you shocked? According to our politically correct overlords, you should have been.

Apparently this comment is "homophobic", i.e. encourages you to hate men with perverse sexual tendencies.

Thus, the BBC, via its "editorial complaints unit", has come up with this:
The remark was unacceptable, and it was a matter of regret that it had gone unnoticed by the programme-makers, and therefore without comment or apology, at the time.
I am quite content to remain completely in the dark as to how describing defenders as having played like fairies encourages you to hate the sexually-perverse. Or as to what the sexual practices of fairies are. Or how that affects their defence when playing football. Etcetera.

Meanwhile, the front page of the BBC news website carries this headline: "Sir Alex Ferguson reflects on 'fairytale' Manchester United reign"

When morality becomes an arbitrary matter dictated by the whims of our secularist overlords, it's hard to be consistent.

Let's hope that the BBC will apologise to all concerned for this latest outrage. But not for "Jerry Springer the Opera", of course, as that was a tasteful and thought-provoking investigation into serious cultural issues, which nobody should be offended by. Ha!

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