Monday, 1 June 2009

Talking about homosexuality

Ever had this question in a conversation a pro-homosexualist?
Homosexualist: Why are you evangelicals so obsessed about sex? Does your God spend all the time obsessing about what goes on in people's bedrooms?
The answer of course is: you started it! Society once had a consensus - man-woman lifelong marriage was part of the created and proper order, binding on everyone. Other sexual activity was wrong, and in the case of homosexuality, definitely depraved. Then came the "sexual revolution", with an agenda to radically change that consensus. The only reason that the homosexual activists want to end the conversation now, is because now they've, through a relentless campaign, succeeded in getting people who agree with them into the key positions in society. And now they'd like to shut the dissenters up. The real conversation went like this:
Homosexualist: Let's talk about sex! Let's talk about sex! You're wrong, and we won't shut up until we've got our way! Let's talk about sex!

.... some years pass ...

Us: Actually, we still object.

Homosexualist: Why are you people so obsessed with sex? Pipe down a bit, for goodness sake!
Actually it's often a bit more menacing than that; there's an "or else" more and more thrown in nowadays. Or else: lose your job because we've implemented a "diversity policy" (diverse enough to embrace everybody except people who don't agree with them!), or if you're in a position of some kind of power be hounded and abused by the media, or if you're a nobody just posting on the Internet be subjected to some kind of unpleasant abuse by e-mail or website, etcetera, etcetera.

What should evangelicals do in the face of this constant pressure to shut up or be unpleasantly abused/smeared/discriminated against? Getting this bit of the response right is very important. We must talk all the more, and all the more clearly. The homosexualist campaign depends vitally upon ensuring that those who disagree keep quiet. It's a fact that the majority, even after so many years of aggressive homosexual propaganda, still believe, as they were wired by creation to do, that to have sex with someone of the same gender is a perverse and revolting act - something against nature, no common crime. That is, and always will be, how most people will think and believe until the final death throes of a society. That's a tipping point that Western civilisation might get to soon, but it's not there yet. For the homosexualists to advance their agenda further towards that end (e.g. compulsary indoctrination of all children and state employees in their malignant teaching) requires that the dissenters are kept quiet. They must become as if they didn't exist - invisible, unspeaking. Then the homosexualists have the stage to themselves and can seem to be the overwhelming opinion of society when they aren't.

Most in society will keep quiet. If they're left in peace, they have no reason to make martyrs of themselves. But Christians are different. We believe in the future - and in a duty to our neighbours in the future (including our children and grand-children). We believe in a final judgment - in which we will have to give an account for our own faithfulness or lack of it. We believe in Christ, who can sustain us through all the miserable insults and petty intimidations of the pro-homosexual lobby. We believe too that those who are determined to take the fast road to eternal damnation can be rescued by the kindness and power of God - if they hear the truth. That of course means the gospel of Christ - but also the law of God so that they might know what the sins that he calls them to repent of are. We believe that telling them the truth is an act of love that can be part of leading them from the miserable trap of seeking fulfilment in perverted sexual pleasure, to the truth of the joy and satisfaction which are in knowing God in Christ - the joy of knowing that the great God is our great God.

Jesus told Christians to be salt and light. But if the salt loses its saltiness, it's useless. A light that is covered is as good as no light at all. Speak, speak clearly and speak now.

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