Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Noooooo .......

I gave up noting the most amusing/terrible/tragic answers on my students' homework... they came too thick and fast... it's hard to make me even bat an eyelid now... but here's a cracker:
Q. When Moses put the bronze snake high up on a pole, what did it point forward to?

A. Towards the west

Argh!!!!! Personally I think I spend the great part of every lecture (this course is on Exodus) explaining how the Old Testament teaches the gospel of Christ and hammering any contrary belief. So after 10 hours class time some answers to homework are really quite depressing:
Q. What was the main and most important subject that Moses wrote about?

A. About being put right with God by obeying the law

Gah! Argh! Ach! No! Stop it right now! That particular student, though, later answered a question with "The Old Testament is teaching us on how to be justified by faith in Jesus Christ", so whilst he's confused at least something got through! Sadly, the belief that the Old Testament is about a failed way of salvation by law is the default belief in Kenya.

But don't worry - another 15 hours of class time remain. There's still time!

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