Saturday, 29 March 2014

No homosexual marriages have yet taken place

Contrary to what you might read in the media, no homosexual marriages
have taken place today, or will at any point in the future.

This is because, a thing is what God says it is - and not what man, in
his aspirations to dethrone God and re-make the world in his own
corrupted image, wants it to be.

Marriage itself remains what God says marriage is - a binding covenant
union between a man and a woman - and has not changed to become two
people with state-approved bedroom activities for as long as they feel
like it.

The challenge for Christians now is to hold this line. It is not an
unusual situation. Man is always attempting to redefine the meaning of
God's creation. Christians have always been called to honour the Creator
and his creation, instead of man and his de-creations. It will cost
something; perhaps very much. But in the end it will cost nothing; what
gain is it to lose your soul in return for a temporary slice of the
world? And what loss is it to lose a temporary slice of the present age,
and inherit all the fullness of the age to come?


Elwin Daniels said...

Agreed David. It seems to me that this is an important milestone and bridgehead in the dechristisnisation agenda for Europe and America. And meanwhile, as the Anglican church fumbles for a compromise and biblical Christians keep our heads down and mouths shut foe fear of being called rude names (or indeed perhaps losing our employment) a cloud somewhat larger than a man's hand (1 Kings 19:44) grows. But yet our rulers and scribes will not see it-the Islamification of Europe and Britain is coming upon us. What a strange 'equalities and diversities agenda' that tears down the walls and invites our ancient rivals and future conquerors into our midst.

What can explain the simultaneous promotion by our secularist ruling elite of both homosexualist and Islamic agendas? And where is the logic of Anglicans supposing that he young people who stay away from church because of 'homophobia' will come to church is church embraces postmodern sexual ethics? If they want that ethic, they already have it, they don't need to come to church. but as a growing number become sick of fornication and seek God, perhaps they will go to the faith that refuses to allow its sworn enemies to re-write its holy book. To Islam.

This is indeed a call for the faithfulness and endurance of the saints. Regards.

David Anderson said...

My guess is that those trying to undermine the Christian assumptions in our culture have been happy for any help they can get. Promoting Islam is part of this. But, they're beginning to realise that the genie is larger than the bottle, and can't be put back in.