Tuesday, 5 February 2013

In which we indulge in some advanced bigotry

Change is difficult, saith the politician; and us who don't agree with it may need some assistance and gentle leading.

Dear politician: I'm afraid, it's not just us. Unfortunately, the order of creation itself seems to need some change.

Yer see, men and women are sexually complementary. Men and men are sexually the same, hence incapable of being complementary.

Does the politician have plans to lead the order of nature itself through this process of painful change? Or ought there to be a point at which even politicians have to admit that their legislative powers do not exist?

When King Canute ordered the sea to stop, he did so in full knowledge that he had no such powers - and he wanted his subordinates to realise the same truth.

In our day, sadly, the boot is on the other foot. It appears that the populace largely realise that nature can't be re-written at our whim. It's our politicians who feel otherwise. Or is it now advanced bigotry to point out the facts of how human beings are actually constituted?

From what I see in the news, the next stop is that our brave, mostly male, leaders will be courageously attempting to defend us in future conflicts by sending out our daughters to fight on the front line. Totally outrageous. This is the sexual revolution's bitter, bitter fruit.

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