Monday, 18 February 2013

Homosexual super-rights, again

Here's what happens in a society where homosexual activists get the upper-hand:

The talk of "tolerance" was a tactic that was useful for said activists for a time. Once its outlived its usefulness in any particular jurisdiction, they throw off their colours and tell you what they really meant.


Ned Kelly said...

After they get to redefine marriage, they will attempt to redefine father and mother, such that the distinction is entirely lost. The secularists misunderstand the Bible - it is not about laws and commandments, it is about God's wisdom, for it is He who created us and how, and His Word is to guide us in our created state. Ignoring the Bible is like ignoring a user guide - one usually ends up breaking something.

David Anderson said...

As far as I knew, in the UK and the rest of Europe, redefining parenthood is something they're actually ahead of, in comparison to marriage. In the UK it's illegal for an adoption agency to differentiate on these grounds - so in effect the government passed a law to close down all non-homosexualist adoption agencies, which was the outcome.

I think I agree with the sentiment about law and grace, but I would not word it that way, describing the Bible as being about one or the other, as if the two were not perfectly complementary. In this lawless age I don't want to encourage people to think that God shares their law-lessness. He is God; we are created to find our truest joy in obeying him (from the heart) (which we are enabled to do by grace).