Monday, 10 December 2012

The right time

We heard some helpful words in the preaching yesterday. God is sovereign and does what he does always at the right time.

The preacher put us in the mind of Mary. Was it a good time to give birth?

Surely not, because she was not yet fully married. It would cause a scandal. She had not had the time to get to know her husband and settle down in a marriage. Moreover, she was far from home, in an unfamiliar town with a long journey to make to get there. She had just completed that journey when the time came. There was no room in the inn, and no kind person who would open their own to a heavily pregnant woman. There were no community mid-wives on hand or other friendly faces around to assist.

But it was the right time; the time that God had planned from ages past to bring his purposes to pass. Unexpected; troublesome for a godly labour; but part of the salvation of the world. Human wisdom will always get it wrong because it measures with human scales. God never does.

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