Friday, 21 December 2012

The masters of nature

A very perceptive line by Theodore Dalrymple here:
We live in an age avid for scapegoats, perhaps because we want to believe that we have so mastered nature that we can control everything, and that therefore someone must be to blame if something goes wrong.
When man ceases to worship God, he starts to believe that he himself must be God.

That never turns out well, because man isn't God; he's not even man, in the fullest sense of what man was created to be.

The good news we remember and especially emphasise at Christmas is that God became man, in order to redeem man to the uttermost. There will come a time when we don't need to look for scapegoats; because behold, Jesus will have made all things new. He's the true master of nature, because he made it. Only the creator can redeem his creation; and he has, and will.

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