Thursday, 8 March 2012

Not wanting to be prejudiced, but I couldn't help noticing...

On Justin Taylor's blog, I read this paragraph:
Thomas Lake is quickly emerging as one of the best writers in America. At 31-years-old, he is currently writing Pulitzer-caliber stories for Sports Illustrated. See for example “Did This Man Really Cut Michael Jordan?” and his latest, “The Legacy of Wes Leonard.”
I've not heard of Lake. But I immediately said to himself "I bet you he was home-schooled".

Next paragraph...
Below you can watch a half-hour chapel message at his alma mater, Gordon College, where he tells some of his own story (growing up as a homeschooled pastor’s-kid), how he became a journalist, and how the stories he tells reflects the story of Christ:
Can I collect the payout now please?

Why did I think that? Of course we cannot make total generalisations. Bets have odds, and some people beat the odds. But I've noticed a strong connection between secularist, state school and having the imagination knocked out of you. Secularist and state education appears to be routinely overly rigid, technical, test-focussed, conformist - the kind of thing necessary for building a secularist, statist, conformist society in fact. Curious, that. A society where people lack originality and the imagination to conceive a different way of seeing the world and living in it. A world with few stories, an no encouragement to look past the here-and-now and see what lies behind the curtain. No encouragement to transform, rather than just to conform. Co-incidence? Hmmm....

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