Saturday, 3 March 2012

The advance of Christianity and the advance of civilisation are ultimately inseparable

The on-the-money quote from Damian Thompson's article here is:
But the charity Trust for London is talking nonsense when it says that “no faith or culture promotes cruelty to children”
Some points of the Western secular narrative are that:
  • All "faiths" and cultures have inherent value and must be respected.
  • Christian missions are inherently vandalism because they seek to change cultures. They are all the same thing as imperialism and colonialism.

This is utter tosh, which is evident to all those who spend a moment to step outside the elite Western secular bubble.

Colonialism from the West was wrong, because the British Empire was not the same thing as the kingdom of heaven. Yet Jesus' claiming of his rightful heritage is completely right. The future of the West's own civilisation, as opposed to its self-destruction, depends upon recognising that fact.

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