Friday, 10 February 2012

Permission to pray

If I follow this news story from the UK rightly...
  • Bideford Town Council had a vote, in which the majority voted to pray before their meetings.

  • Mr "Justice" Ouseley has ruled that, despite its desire to pray, it has not been granted the powers in law to do so.

  • The logic of his decision seems to be this: if there's no law saying that you can pray on some particular occasion, then you can't. Even if you want to. In Mr Ouseley's world, it seems that councils may have powers to spend tax money, pass by-laws and the like: but the act of praying is one that is strictly forbidden to them.

Welcome to the world as re-made according to the desires of the National Secular Society. Think you'll like it? Perhaps you have no particular interest in council meetings or what happens in them. But suppose that the whole of society was run by people of the NSS's ilk and inclinations... would that be better or worse than living in one that had been shaped by the Bible?

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