Friday, 10 December 2010

Christian preacher wins damages for unlawful arrest

Encouraging news from the Christian Institute:
An autistic Christian street preacher who was handcuffed and arrested for speaking out against homosexuality and many other sins has been awarded £4,250 in damages following a court case against West Midlands Police.
In a case backed by The Christian Institute, Birmingham County Court ruled on Wednesday that PC Adrian Bill committed assault and battery against Mr Anthony Rollins when he handcuffed him unnecessarily.
The court also ruled that Mr Rollins was wrongfully arrested, unlawfully detained and his human rights to free speech and religious liberty were infringed. The court ordered the police to pay Mr Rollins' legal costs.
Now, West Midlands Police may think twice before arresting anyone for lawful Christian witness. Mr. Rollins could have rolled over, said "I don't need the trouble of a court-case", and backed down. But his courageous actions have, we hope, preserved precious freedoms for believers (and unbelievers, where they disagree from the stifling PC consensus) in his area for a little longer. We need to pray that God will raise up more men and women who will take on the inconvenience of fighting for freedoms, because it's only those kind of people who will win these kind of gains that we all enjoy the benefits of...

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