Saturday, 4 December 2010

Aslan and Tash

I can't imagine that C S Lewis would truly be angered by this. Saying that so-and-so is "angry" in reaction to any disagreement seems to be a modern media fetish - it makes the story they're writing seem more exciting or important than it really is.

Personally I laughed and rolled my eyes and imagine Lewis would have done likewise. Obviously Mr. Neeson is a bit Narnia-ignorant. Just who does he think Tash is? Has he never read how Aslan responded to the suggestion that he and Tash were the same? Oh dear.

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Ned Kelly said...

I wish that Lewis himself was around to respond. With his great command of language he would have clearly demonstrated Neeson’s ignorance and bias. G.K. Chesterton would have been an even better commentator, his wit cleaving Neeson’s stupidity. Is it just my perception due to improved communications, or is the world truly running downhill into secularity more rapidly with each passing year? People seem not to understand that what they claim as tolerance is in reality, apathy. People seem to not care what truth is, prepared to accept any and all views as valid even when they conflict with one another. Politicians, in Australia at least, are followers not leaders, succumbing to the venality of a population immersed in self-indulgence and governments handouts. Even those publicly proclaiming themselves as Christians do not offer Christian witness, seemingly more concerned with gaining and holding power than upholding Christian values, as if Christ has granted politicians exemption from truth and righteousness.
I have the sense that the laws of entropy apply to human moral values: just as our genetic make-up is trending toward decay, so too our grip on right and wrong, the needle of our moral compass demagnetised. In my own country, I am not sure whether apathy amongst Christians is spreading, or whether the howling voice of the secular media has all but deafened and defeated the Christian voice. I find myself asking, “Does nobody care any more?”