Saturday, 12 June 2010

Over 30 children's games

I have put together a small booklet (A5) of over 30 games that we have used at our weekly children's clubs in Eldoret.

My co-leaders now have a copy, and that was the necessary step before next week, when they will be the leaders and I will just do what I am requested by them. We'll see how that goes - if well enough, that will become the permanent situation and I will rejoice: a ministry started, brethren trained to carry it on, handed over! We'll see!

Here's the download
. Feel free to use it in any way that is useful to you. You can edit it and change it - I've included the original source document.

In Kenya there's absolutely no culture of suing the club leaders if something goes wrong... of course what you do with any of these games is your responsibility, not mine...

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