Saturday, 5 June 2010

Like a child

We had a delightful scene from our car this afternoon, after children's club.

It had started to rain - really heavily. We (mum and dad) were sitting in the car, trying to count up if everybody had piled in and we had the equipment (there's not only our family, but others too). And then we saw one of the kiddies, walking along in the pouring rain, chattering and singing away to oneself as if nothing was happening, walking past the car without noticing, then stopping and turning back. So carefree - delightful!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be as care-free as a child? Why can children be care-free? Because they are sure that mum and dad have got it all under control.

But actually, a Christian should know that heavenly Father has it far more under control than mum or dad does - infinitely so, in fact.

So we should be as care-free as the child is - and more.

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