Monday, 18 January 2010

Church Website

In 2009 the Internet in Kenya was finally connected to the rest of the world via a cable (instead of a satellite).

This might mean that the Internet really takes off in Kenya in the next few years. This depends on what happens with prices. As yet they haven't come down much, though speeds have greatly improved. We'll see.

But, in case it does take off.... our church in Eldoret now has a website. And in case it doesn't take off, perhaps someone elsewhere in the world will enjoy a sermon or two from it. If you don't speak Swahili, there's only the odd sentence to pass over here and there.

If you do speak Swahili, please accept my sincere apologies for my crimes against your language. It's only a few sentences here and there to pass over. Hopefully it'll one day culminate in a time when I speak it properly, gramatically and not in an English accent! :-)

Anyway, here it is: Grace Baptist Church, Eldoret -


Ned Kelly said...

Congratulations !!!
I pray that your web site becomes a successful source of outreach for your Christian community, and enables you to share God's Word with more than just those who attend Sunday services. I find these sites of great inspiration and encouragement, seeing what others are doing in various communities around the world. I regularly follow Calvary Chapel in Santa Barbara, and Reality in Carpinteria, California, downloading their Bible studies and sermons. I will be adding your site to my resource list, and for this I thank you. God's blessings on your mission in His Service.

gingoro said...

Hello David

Assume you are mostly working in English?

On your furlough, if you want to learn the language, suggest taking a linguistics course as they can help a great deal. Wycliffe on this side of the pond had courses like SIL, Summer institute of Linguistics etc.

I assume your children are fluent as I was in Ethiopia after three months without any english speaking children around. My dad was able to preach in amharic after about three years and that with only a few weeks of language instruction. Sure he made some hilarious mistakes such as having God sitting on an elephant rather than on a throne... In the past English was a mandatory second language and was used for all instruction beyond grade five or six except of course for amharic literature etc courses. Still at the Bible school dad taught in both languages.

Dawe W