Monday, 19 October 2009

What's good for our children is for us to say

"What's good for our children is for us to say" - that's the title of an incisive article on the government's power-grabbing plans to intrude further into family life, from the Daily Telegraph:

In the name of the rights of the child (as ever), the government is again seeking to increase its own rights. Now: a new right for the officers of the local council to interview your child, in your home, without you present - to determine if they think you're educating your child in a way they approve of. As Johnson says, "Orwellian". This isn't just a big deal to home-schoolers. This new right, once established, has far-reaching implications, and every parent in the UK should be deeply concerned.

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Ned Kelly said...

The irony of modern democracies is that they are becoming more socialist than socialism in the way that they intrude into and attempt to control our lives in every way. I feel glad that I will be leaving it in the not too distant future, but very sad for those left behind to cope with a world where they have less and less control over the personal issues that matter. Ashamedly, I have no clue how we can arrest the decline, and though prayer is never a last resort, increasingly I am seeing prayer as not just the first but the only resort to deal with the madness that is overtaking the planet faster than global warming (if indeed it is).