Friday, 2 October 2009

What problem of evil?

A very good (in the main points) post on the "problem of evil", and why it's impossible for an atheist to use it against Christianity, here:

The author says he does not know what the theological explanation for "natural evil" (natural disasters, etc.). The Bible's answer is the Fall and the ensuing curse.

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Ned Kelly said...

The irony of the atheist / evolutionist position is also seen in those who champion animal rights causes. If humans are just animals evolved through natural selection and survival of the fittest, why should we care a fig about other species? Why would it not be ok to eliminate the species that might harm us, like crocodiles and lions? Why is what animals do natural, but what humans do not so? On what basis do humans elevate themselves above the animal kingdom if we are nothing more than simply on some other evolutionary track, the result of all those uncaring, uncontrolled processes?