Saturday, 11 April 2009

Positive article on home-schooling in the Telegraph

"The familiar arguments in favour of home education are, in my view, generally right. But there is one plus that does not get enough attention, and that is a shared experience between parent and child that is unparalleled in normal life." (DA: This is an interesting/telling/tragic commentary on contemporary 'normal' life!).

"There is one cloud on the horizon. A government review of home education will report next month, and its mandate looks suspiciously as if it were designed to increase government powers over home-schoolers. There are some who think, 'we can only be sure everything is fine if the government is the ultimate controller.' It is false reasoning. The Government controls Bishops Park College. That schools is not fine. When the government manages to make that school, and all the others like it, offer a really good education, then, and only then, should they presume to interfere in home education. The parents who make the effort and give the time to home schooling are, almost by definition, the ones who care most about their children's education."

"... there are some statistics to support the idea that attitudes are changing."

The line that made me chuckle is the one ending... "or, horror of horrors, a creationist." Tee hee.

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