Saturday, 4 April 2009

Martyn-Lloyd Jones On Scripture And Science

Timely words from 1971, which a friend just reminded me of:

But our greatest battle sadly is within the evangelical church itself where many are trying to say that one can believe in Biblical salvation, Biblical inerrancy as well as believing in evolution. This will lead to spiritual shipwreck. It was none other than Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones who said in a lecture in 1971 on the theme 'What is an evangelical?'

 “We must believe the whole Bible. We must believe the history of the Bible as well as its didactic teaching. Failure here is always an indication of a departure from the true evangelical position. Today there are men who say, Oh yes, we believe in the Bible and its authority in all matters of religion, but of course, we don’t go to the Bible for science...

They are saying there are, as it were, two great authorities and two means of revelation: one of them is Scripture and the other is nature. These they say are you go to the Scriptures for matters concerning the soul, but you do not go to them to seek God’s other revelation of Himself in nature. For that you go to science.....   “ We have got to contest [this] very strongly...We must assert that we believe in the historicity of the early chapters of Genesis and all other Biblical history...”

Lloyd-Jones, D.M., “What is an evangelical?”, Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh, 1992.

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