Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A short Bible study

Today I was quite excited. I simply opened the Bible with a recent convert (I think - we are having the study to clarify his status) and we simply asked and answered some simple questions. He was hungry, and the truths were meaty ones, and it was encouragnig to see him taking it in.

(English note on the last question: "What can we say about..." is a bit of a Kenyanism!)

Colossians 1:15-22
First look at what is said about the Lord Jesus in verses 15-19.
a. What is said about Jesus' relationship to God?
b. What is said about Jesus' relationship to creation? (What did he create? Why? Anything else?)
c. What is said about Jesus' relationship to the church?
d. Why was Jesus the first to be raised from the dead, according to verse 18?
If you think about all these things, then what can we say in summary about the Lord Jesus?
Now look at verse 20. How did Jesus make peace (that is, "reconcile"?)
Where did Jesus bring peace?
Think about all that we have looked at. What can we say about Jesus? How can we think about him rightly?

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