Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Drum roll please...

Having few others round here to share my interest in running with, dear blog readers, I dump it on you. If I could run a bit lot faster, I could catch up with some of the world-class athletes pounding the Rift Valley roads and chat with them... but pending those miracles, you it is.

Having got my 10 mile time down under 80 minutes (to 79:55), the attempt to then get it under 79 minutes was proving harder than I'd hoped - 79:38 and then 79:25. But, this morning, drum roll please, I charged down a time of ... ... ... 76:29 ! Not a misprint, seventy-six twenty-nine! It might have been faster if my guts had not been in revolt most of the way. On the other hand, perhaps the brake they applied helped me to pace the run better. I think the main cause of improvement must be the 15, 16 and even (once) 17-mile runs of the last few weeks, building up my stamina. Those hurt. Did I mention we're up at 7,000 feet?

Next goals for the next few weeks: 12 miles and then 15 miles at an 8-minute/mile average, and 10 miles in 75. Goal is to get it down to 70 by six months' time - I was beginning to think that was out of the question but it's back on now.

A good run like that leads me feel invigorated for the rest of the day. Apart from the bits where I fall asleep. The application of all of this is that progress in most things is gradual and the result of continual practice... I find that lesson easier to get in running than other things. If we can make 6-month plans to run up and down hills, why not in something of more eternal importance?

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