Saturday, 5 July 2008

An edifying debate

In the last few days I listened to a debate on the subject of infant baptism between two American Reformed pastors, Dr. James White (Baptist) and Dr. Bill Shisko.

It was edifying, and very useful for clarifying each's position. You can get the MP3s here I believe (I think I paid for them somewhere else but can't remember now):

I thought that Pastor Shisko applied an unworkable hermeneutic in his interpretation. His main argument was that the Old Testament required such-and-such, so that if we don't find this-and-that in the New Testament, then we should assume the infant baptism position by default. I thought that Dr. White's continual pointing out that this hermeneutic is not the one that Reformed believers consistently use in other areas was right on target. Listen to it yourself to see if you agree...

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