Saturday, 19 April 2008

US Culture Wars: Expelled!

This week, the new documentary film "Expelled!" was released. This is the film that has establishment atheists and materialists everywhere writhing in pain.

The material in the film is priceless, as several well known media scientists spell out with great clarity their loathing for particularly Christianity, and their ideological agenda to squish it and any other questioning of materialism whether the evidence supports them or not. Richard Dawkins has a cameo role, explaining that life may indeed after all have features which are the evidence of intelligent design - as long as we agree in advance to rule out the possibility of God being the intelligent designer! Several academics who had their careers subjected to neo-Stalinist purges after they evidenced doubt in materialism tell their stories, and a controversial 10-minute segment documents the influence that Darwinist thought had on the architects of the Holocaust.

The reaction of establishment materialists in academia and the media has been equally priceless, as they've fallen other themselves to demonstrate the truth of the main thesis of the film,  namely that academic freedom and evidence-based debate must always come second to the sacred cow of not questioning materialism. The sweet smell of secularist outrage is in the air everywhere - enjoy it whilst you can!

If "Expelled!" is all news to you, the best thing to do is to pop over to the popular blogs Uncommon Descent and Evolution News, where there are plenty of recent stories in the film's release week.

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