Saturday, 10 March 2018

In Canada, children were taken away because their parents would not tell them that the Easter Bunny was real

In Canada, a taxpayer-funded body removed children from their foster parents, and banned those parents from any future fostering, because said parents, though happy to buy them Easter costumes and organise a chocolate egg hunt round the house, declined to tell them that the Easter Bunny was real. Yes, really.

This case illustrates well a general principle. When a society dispenses with God's laws, it will inevitably become some sort of tyranny, of one kind or another. When man lies that God is a tyrant and rebels against his rule, man soon shows who the true tyrant is. He becomes the real image of the thing he falsely accused God of being. Man's "niceness" - all those super-qualified middle-class case workers, utterly convinced that they have everybody's best interests at heart - become something to fear, to match anything out of the worst totalitarian dystopia. In what mad world does failing to lie to your children about a fictional rabbit become grounds to have those children taken away? In what mad world is it possible to do such a thing without a court hearing in front of your peers? Answer: In the world in which secular humanism is allowed time and space to consistently work its presuppositions out. The world in which, having shunted God's righteous and unchanging laws aside, we're left to face the arbitrary laws of man.

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