Thursday, 6 April 2017

Who is the parent?

Do parents have any rights which are not subject to the arbitrary whims
of the state? Or are children ultimately wards of the state, which
benevolently grants their parents certain privileges when it sees fit?
According to the UK's "supreme court," it's the latter:

This is one of those petty tyrannies (a fine of £60) based on completely
non-petty theories about the relationship between state and parents
(that the state has arbitrary authority to specify the tiniest details
of the timetable of how you should educate your children). The only
sensible response to petty tyrannies, once they become widespread and
systematic, is mass disobedience. i.e. They should be made unworkable by
parents in a school co-ordinating to agree to withdraw their children
en-masse on a specified day, and daring the authorities to take every
single last one of them to court. Petty tyrannies only work because of
the salami-slicing effect - people say "this isn't my battle". But, a
thousand petty tyrannies down the line, you find that after opting out
of every battle, you lost the entire war by default. Legally, your
children have become wards of the state, and faceless bureaucrats tell
you what their will is for your children, and fine you if you differ on
any of the details. The same arguments which justify this particular
petty tyranny can justify just about anything the state pleases. And
they will.

Christian parents in the UK need to be joining the dots if they haven't
already done so. For example, with compulsory immoral, secularised sex
education on the way, combined with a court favouring the Department of
Education's viewpoint that removing your child from a state school for
even half a day is an offence, what's your plan? This isn't a situation
that just arrived last week. It's the outworking of the last few
decades, in which we've inevitably progressed from A, to B, to C, to D.
There's nothing alarmist about pointing out that the next step is
certainly going to be E. What's our plan to ensure that our children are
raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, as Scripture requires
of us?

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