Friday, 3 February 2017

Donald Trump is exactly what our culture desired

"You Didn't Vote For TRUMP - Or Did You?"

Content warning: this video is not suitable for all audiences; it contains brief examples of completely obscene pop song lyrics from a "mainstream" pop star, and other references to "adult" topics. (But, on the other hand, probably nothing most readers don't have daily familiarity with, unless you threw your TV out). There are no obscene visuals.

I'm not an American, but Brits have nothing to smirk about here. The exact same news sources which are the most outraged - the Independent, the Guardian, the BBC - about Trump, promote Trump-like values without ceasing.

Only, when they do it, it's branded as "edginess", "confronting taboos", "challenging prejudice", "bringing liberation", or some other pleasant sounding phrase. But does it matter what we call it? It's what's in the can that matters, not what the packaging says.

Donald Trump represents so many values that the Trump-hating media have been pushing into the culture - and which, as the video explains, we
have been extremely happy to have pushed onto us - for a long time now. 
Our spending and use of time says what our values are. And on that basis, Donald Trump could be elected President of the whole "post-Christian"  West, with no particular incongruity resulting.

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