Wednesday, 21 December 2016

George Carey is now an un-person

This is the future, as envisioned by our cultural elite: if you don't
agree with every jot and tittle of the sexual revolution, then you're
not just wrong. You're don't even exist. You are George Orwell's
un-person. Nobody in decent society is allowed to pretend that they even
knew that you existed. Your life must go down the memory hole. To
mention you again at a dinner party would be an unforgiveable faux pas -
a thoughtcrime of the first order.

Here's Big Brother himself, as quoted in the article: "The university
said it had carried out the review before deciding some of the images
did not represent the 'diversity of our university community'."

All praise the glories of tolerance and diversity, comrades! We love
those values so well, that, if we ever come across a person who doesn't
sign up to every jot and tittle of our creed, then, we cannot bear even
to acknowledge that they exist. We must pretend that they never were,
and remove all reminders of them. Isn't diversity great?

In reality, in the long term, only biblical Christianity - with its
doctrine of a future judgment, but time and a gracious, kind offer of
forgiveness and opportunity to change now, but a change that can only
come form the heart, not from the sword - can support a proper idea of
tolerance and diversity. The Christian can pray, wait, act and trust
God. Secular humanists, on the contrary, believe that this life is all.
For them there's no reason or point in *not* stamping the boot on the
face, to force the world to fit with their vision. For them, the words
"tolerance and diversity" are a big lie. They believe in their views
being tolerated by the majority when they are in the minority, and then
stamping out everything else as quickly as possible as soon as the boot
gets onto the other foot.

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