Friday, 21 October 2016

Thankful for Genesis 3

I'm so glad that the Bible contains Genesis 3. Otherwise, how to
understand life?

Life is so frustrating and disappointing. I am so frustrating and
disappointing. But at least, one of the frustrations isn't to be
continually perplexed about why life is so frustrating. The Bible
explains that very clearly. Our expectations are framed at the outset.

There will be, and now is, a Redeemer of this fallen world. But we will
live, until the appointed time when he perfects all things, in a fallen
world. I won't be, and life won't be, all that it could or should be.
And there's no need to bang one's head against a wall because of being
convinced that it ought to somehow be possible to live in the new
creation now, before Christ returns.

Genesis 3 frees Christians to live both with hope and realism in a world
in which thankfully there is the former, but which also requires the latter.

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