Friday, 22 May 2015

Homosexual propaganda

Most peoples' perceptions of homosexual issues are massively skewed by relentless media campaigning/lying. They feel social pressure to conform to the constant diet of indoctrination, and do not realise how much of that indoctrination is simply the repetition of empty slogans and falsehoods.

In a Gallup survey, the mean estimate of the homosexual population was 23%. According to a second Gallup survey, the actual population that describes themselves that way was 3.8%.

To be clear: it's not being claimed that the media lies about the percentage of those who self-describe as homosexual, or have claimed that 23% would. The point is that the relentless, widespread diet of aggressive homosexual propaganda creates an impression, which results in the 23% figure. The over 6-fold increase from reality to false perception is measuring just how much false propaganda is in that diet.

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