Friday, 13 February 2015

A reason to be thankful for the Internet...

The Internet is a segment of human life, and so includes all its dross; but here's the kind of resource that makes the Internet great:

Someone appears to have done this for free. It's high-quality, and well thought-out - and with the power of the Internet, anyone can do that, and anyone can benefit from it, with a few clicks. I just hope they'll make sure it doesn't die with them, if they're just an individual. You couldn't do that without the Internet: the dead wood would cost paper, and publishers have their expenses, etc.

Have you got any useful stuff you could stick online and share with the world? I've been pleasantly surprised to find people coming across stuff I did years ago, and sending a "thank you" note. It doesn't happen often - but in my reckoning, if you put the work in to produce something once, then you may as well squeeze everything you can out of it. If I stick it up there now, it might benefit someone in 20 years time. There's enough trivia on the Internet - do you have something, whether in the things of this world only, or things of the kingdom, that could be a blessing?

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Anonymous said...

As I said in a presentation I was asked to give to a church on Genetic Modifications a decade ago, every technology men have discovered has been used for good or bad purposes. The web is like the printing press in this respect-it can make Holy Scripture or pornography available.

I have been blessed to share my love of apples through YouTube videos over the last 7 years and many people have got back to me thanking me for inspiration and instruction that has helped them plant fruit trees. I also blog about skin cancer. Salt and light and doing to others as we wish for ourselves.

All the best

Stephen Hayes