Thursday, 22 August 2013

Secularist dishonesty

Secularist atheists are always seeking to enforce their values on others. Unlike Christians, who will a) openly confess that we would be delighted for everyone to embrace Jesus Christ, and b) we recognise others' rights to disagree, secularists are a) deceitful and b) coercive. Their routine method is not to set up their own secularist institutions to compete with Christian ones, but to enter secretly, lie, work to take power, and then enforce the new values on everyone else.

The take-over of Girl Guiding and enforcement of a humanist oath, replacing a theistic one (to be "true to oneself" and serve the "community" instead of loving God and being faithful to the Monarch) was an example of this. For a), they lyingly claimed that it was about inclusiveness (but, since when was enforcing a humanist oath inclusive?). For b), read this to the end: There you'll see that it's about coercion, not inclusivity: it's the secular humanist way or the highway. Notice the blatant hypocrisy of the new leaders of Guiding quoted in the last three paragraphs: those who don't recognise the new values are free to leave. That is apparently in stark contrast to the old values, which the entry-ists felt themselves completely free to first ignore and then replace!

What's the take-home message for Christians? Don't believe the myth of secular humanist "neutrality". It's a temporary guise until they gain power... after that, it's time for the boot stamping on your face. You can see the same in the sphere of "gay rights"; "tolerance" was a temporary myth until they had the upper hand. The switch is already well underway: you won't hear much of tolerance from now on, but only of "guaranteeing universal human rights everywhere, regardless of what the bigots think". When you hear talk of "neutrality" and "inclusiveness", you need to start counting the spoons.

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