Friday, 11 January 2013

Re-educating society

BBC report: Kids need to see more gay people on TV
Children should be introduced to homosexuality from an early age on TV, according to a BBC report.
The BBC is free to conclude that children need to see more depravity on television. Parents are - and we are genuinely grateful for this - still equally free to conclude that their children don't need to watch any of the BBC. The gatekeepers of modern society want to put out the idea that "watching little or no television is weird". On the contrary, getting excessively interested in the story-lines of the lives of non-existent people in TV's endless dramas is weird. What's weird is to be deeply acquainted with the plot-lines of fictional stories, whilst not knowing the names of even a quarter of the people who live in the nearest 8 houses to yours.

Christian parents remain totally responsible for everything and everyone they welcome into their houses - whether actually, or virtually. If you let the BBC re-educate your children, then that's your responsibility before God. Saying "it's just what was on the box" is no excuse; the box is there because you bought it, licensed it, and set the rules about when it could or could not be watched. If evil people knocked on your door and said "please can we re-educate your children with our own humanist, secularist world-view?", would you say, "yeah, that's fine, as long as it keeps the children quiet and out of mischief?" What's the difference if the BBC request permission from you to do the same through the TV? (The only difference I can think of is that you're paying them for the privilege...)

TV itself is not evil; every technology, discovered through the study of the properties and potentials of God's world, can only be good in itself. It is sinful man who turns what is good to evil. And it is to be the task of Spirit-filled disciples of Jesus to act with wisdom and discernment, to separate between the good and the evil as it presents itself to us in daily life; and to re-orient the world towards righteousness, repentance and new life through the cross.

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