Friday, 7 September 2012

Atheists, make up your minds!

On the one hand, Richard Dawkins wants school children to read the Bible, so that they will be turned against Christianity.

On the other, a Canadian humanist has won a hearing to ban the Gideons from giving Bibles to schools, on the grounds that it is not fair for Christian literature to be given out, but not atheist literature.

So which is it? The Bible promotes atheism? Or does the opposite?

The enemy has many strategies. Since he's the father of lies and confusion, you can't expect them to cohere.

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Thesauros said...

No, atheists are a sad lot. there is zero logic to any part of their belief system. What Dawkins doesn't understand that is X number of people can read the Bible and those who God is calling will get something completely different out of it than those who are on their way to hell.

Even kids at camp Quest, those who God is going to bring safely home will see a God of justice and mercy in what they read. Not the monster that Dawkins wants them all to see. In fact they will recognise Dawkins as the manipulator and schemer (and in my mind, child abuser) that he is.