Friday, 27 April 2012

Two kingdoms, one king over both

Unless I'm very much mistaken, I had the pleasure of the fellowship of the author of this helpful blog post for a few months about a decade ago.


Anonymous said...

Hi David!

It's great to reconnect after all these years, and thank you for posting my article.

Please give my greetings to your wife and family for me.


Ned Kelly said...

In my commercial life, I argued against ascribing formal names to business practices because over time, the label acquires different meanings to different people, and rather than discuss the principles, people spend time arguing the meaning of the label. The same has happened in the Church, with people contending over the "true" meaning of Dispensationalism, Covenant Theology, Two Kingdoms, and even the doctrine one adopts to be a "true" Baptist or Presbyterian minister. Just as in consumer products, truth in labelling continues to be a problem.