Thursday, 26 January 2012

Britain's moral free-fall

Here, Peter Oborne in the Telegraph laments Britain's moral free-fall in recent years.

He does not, however, go back beyond the 1990s. He laments the generation that took power there, but does not join up the dots and note that these are the children of the 1960s sexual revolution.

Nor does he go back further and note that it is specifically a rejection of Christianity that took place and that we are now enjoying the fruits of.

We live in Kenya, which is a pre-Christian society. We're seeing the West's future, and it's not pretty. Oborne laments the growing culture of systematic dishonesty and impunity. Believe us, you won't like it when you experience the full flowering of what is now well underway in Britain. What the West is discovering is that only two choices exist, not three. You can either submit to the joyful rule of Jesus and deny yourself the so-called pleasures of sin, or you can refuse and taste the consequences. There is no way to enjoy the fruits of a good tree, whilst cutting off the roots. What is done to the roots will work its way up; and when the roots are rotten, the tree is ripe only to be cut down.

But Christians must not despair. It is still evident that vestigial Christianity, through the salt-and-light witness of believers, continues to do tremendous good in the UK. And that same witness, when Jesus makes it powerful, will bring much better things, so long as the church remains faithful to him and is willing to undergo the trials of fire that must come.

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