Friday, 1 July 2011

Family and responsibility

I've been waiting years to read this kind of thing in a national newspaper, or a least on their website...


Ned Kelly said...

Well spoken, and perhaps even timely if anyone was prepared to do something about it. Unfortunately, it usually takes far longer to reverse a trend in human behaviour than it does to initiate it. I am currently working on a book with the central theme of the law for Christians. I see a parallel between secular social democracy and the growing trend amongst evangelicals to favour grace over duty. “Works” has become a dirty word, failing to distinguish between good works anointed by God, and legalistic observance of the law. Some now say there are only two laws, love God and one another, all else is just guidance. But of course, one cannot be truly obedient to guidance and advice - one must be obedient to commandments to abide in God’s love, just as Scripture says. I don’t have the answers yet, still lots more research ahead, but I have a sense that Christianity is conforming to modern social democracy, rather than transforming it, and what is missing primarily is a sense of duty. In former times, personal duty was a primary motivator, but no longer, and I wonder whether there is a link between this and the happy-clappy notion of grace without responsibility?

David Anderson said...

Hi Ned,

I'd agree that the culture's overall deprecation of notions of duty, self-responsibility, etc., have seeped far into the churches, and the unhealthy perversions of the notions of individual rights and freedom etc. have taken their toll too. May the Lord bless anything you're able to write to help others.