Friday, 17 June 2011

World Magazine's "Books of the Year"

World Magazine, a large US evangelical magazine, chose two "books of 2011". One of them was the US edition of "Should Christians Embrace Evolution?", published by P & R (Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing Company). Praise the Lord!

My wife has obviously been living with a logician too long; she points out that I can't rationally derive too much from this... "this means at least they thought your chapter didn't wreck it" ... :-)

Here's the link:

Amazon US link:
UK website link (which has a link on to Amazon UK):


Ned Kelly said...

Just to let you know that you are not being ignored by everyone, thanks for your continued posts. I hope that the Book of the Year acclaim helps your sales, and acordingly your ministry.
There are so many worrying trends for Christians today, if one were silly enough to worry that is, but this article should give all Christians cause for pause. Reading the Quran in Christian services? I have long argued against Inter-Faith Dialogue, contending that it dilutes the exclusivity of Jesus, and will lead to serious error, just as the Church of Rome erred in blending pagan practices in the early days. Accepting the Quran as a holy book can only reinforce the view that any path to God will do. Sadly, even Christian ministers are inadvertently promoting that view.

David Anderson said...

Thanks, Ned. The royalty was a flat fee, split 12 (?) ways between all the authors. So that won't boost the ministry... perhaps a few people will read the book, think "Who is this writing chapter 5?" and come by the website to read something they'll find beneficial; it's in the Lord's hands.