Thursday, 28 April 2011

Individual prejudice?

Here's a story about the last remaining Roman Catholic adoption agency losing an appeal for the right to only place children for adoption with heterosexual couples.

Deputy chief executive of homosexual activist group Stonewall, Laura Doughty, said: “There should be no question of anyone engaged in delivering any kind of public or publicly funded service being allowed to pick and choose their service users on the basis of individual prejudice. This ruling makes the law in this area crystal clear.”
Is this what public discourse has come to? "Individual prejudice?" I am an evangelical Protestant, not a Roman Catholic; I think the Roman Catholic church has erred on fundamental and vital questions of truth. But would it not be honest to at least distinguish between individual preferences and official church teaching stretching back over a millennia, and between prejudice and a considered and reasoned-out opposition? It seems that Stonewall can't...

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