Saturday, 1 May 2010

All "The Gospel" conference audio now available

All the audio (9 sessions) from our recent Nairobi conference on the theme of the gospel is now available for download, including the question and answer session with these questions (answers vary from 6 to 25 minutes):
  • Should we teach predestination? (Sukesh Pabari)
  • How should we attack the false gospel of moralism? (Sukesh Pabari)
  • What is faith? (David Anderson)
  • How can we have assurance? (Michael Otieno)
  • What is it like to be filled with the Spirit? (Sam Oluoch)
  • How does the Bible teach us to evangelise? (Paul Odera)
  • How many final judgments are there? (David Anderson)
  • If God has elected his people, does this not contradict the idea of our free will? (Sukesh Pabari)
Here's the link to freely download it all:

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