Monday, 5 April 2010

Inaugural Faraday Lecture

"Michael Faraday - Man of science, man of God". That's the title of the inaugural "Faraday Lecture" to be given at Westminster Chapel, London this Friday (9th April).

Faraday himself was an outstanding man in the history of science as well as being a Bible-based believer. The Royal Institute's website describes him using the pejorative language of today as belonging to a "literalist sect", which is secular-speak for believing the Bible to be - shock, horror - true.

I don't think Faraday would have been happy that in present times his name has been hijacked by the Faraday Institute in Cambridge - Britain's foremost think-tank for trying to promoting theistic evolution and trying to influence Bible-believing Christians to interpret the Bible's accounts of creation in largely non-historical ways.

So it's good to see this new venture which might claim back his name... more details here (I don't think it is organised by AiG but appears in the event calendar they maintain).

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