Saturday, 8 August 2009

A new experience

There'll be a new life experience for us next week... rolling power blackouts. These are two days a week country-wide, and our turn is Monday and Tuesday each week. (Residents of Nairobi get an extra bonus day at least to begin with). Much of Kenya's power is hydro-electric. Unfortunately, it hasn't rained enough, so the dams are emptying and several of the stations have had to be switched off. Now we're hoping that the autumn rains will allow 7-days power again when they come.

Can't think of much else to say about it really. God is very good and we enjoy many of the blessings of modern technology. Phones and laptops have batteries, and if those run out before we can recharge them there are various things we can do if I can find the right leads for hooking up to a portable power pack I bought last year when we thought we'd be living somewhere else. Beyond that there are generators, solar panels, battery storage systems for during outages... this isn't any form of hardship yet.

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