Friday, 22 May 2009

How can it be?

And when the scribes and Pharisees saw him eat with tax-collectors and sinners, they said unto his disciples, "How is it that he eats and drinks with tax-collectors and sinners?" - Mark 2:16

After over two decades learning more about Jesus, I think cannot understand this question myself. Not in the sense the Pharisees asked it - they didn't classify themselves as sinners, and saw no reason why Jesus shouldn't fraternise with them. But if we do see who we really are, and who Jesus really is - just how is it that he can fellowship with us? Jesus had to explain to the Pharisees that is was the sick who needed a doctor - and as the "physician of souls" he'd come to visit those who knew that they needed him. That's why he came to them. But why did he come? How can he have been willing to come so low, to stoop so far, to fellowship with us?

That's the mystery of the good news which Mark wrote to explain - "the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God" (chapter 1, verse 1). We'll never understand it fully though by God's help we make progress year by year. We'll never reach the goal because the love is infinite; the good news is that we'll have an eternity to keep going towards it.

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