Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Denis Alexander in debate

This will be of interest to readers following the blog-review of Dr. Alexander's book "Creation or Evolution - do we have to chose?"

I wanted to let you know that a debate between Denis Alexander of the Faraday Institute and Stephen Lloyd of Biblical Creation Ministries is available online now.

I believe this is an important and interesting debate and so am wondering if you would consider passing on the link below to others in your organisation, to others you know would be interested or sending it via email to any mailing list you may have.

Both Christians, they discuss the theological implications of believing evolution over creationism

Unbelievable 29 November 2008

Creation or Evolution - do we have to choose? Denis Alexander & Stephen Lloyd debate

Please visit: http://www.premier.org.uk/unbelievable where you can listen back to the show as well as subscribe to the "Unbelievable?" podcast.

Denis, an Evangelical Christian, who recently authored "Creation or evolution - do we have to choose?" argues there is no contradiction between the evolutionary account and believing in the Creator God of the Bible. Stephen argues that the Gospel itself is in jeopardy if we subscribe to the theory of evolution.

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