Saturday, 22 November 2008

Modern Britain

An instructive insight into life amongst the ruling elite in modern Britain and what things they think are important...

Things to note:
  • The press for gay "super rights" - i.e. to make homosexuals a privileged group with rights that trump every other groups - goes on.

  • It's possible in 2008 for a government minister to suggest that you should be fast-tracked into parliament merely on the grounds of how you derive sexual pleasure, without that government minister being openly ridiculed, shuffled out of office immediately, taken out by the party whips and shot, or whatever.

  • According to the Office of National Statistics, the number of open homosexuals in parliament is already more than double the number required to give the whole homosexual community a proportionate representation.

  • The modern political parties don't even bother to pretend any more that MPs are really ultimately chosen by the people - nope, it's a party stitch-up (aided by the media) that decides who's represented in parliament.

  • Long live Ann Widdecombe and the few remaining of her ilk who still have enough courage to speak obvious truths in defiance of the elite's canons of politically acceptable speech.

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