Friday, 17 October 2008

The grace of the doctrines

This is a thought that I've heard Vernon Higham (of Cardiff) preach more than once. I think it is particularly fitting for those of us who are more doctrinally minded.

We have the doctrines of grace. But do we have the grace of the doctrines?

We speak of a gracious salvation. Do we live out one? Are our sound doctrines sharp weapons that we use to slay our theological enemies, and a rock of defence that we use to shield ourselves from criticism? Or are they the motivation to love God, love all the brethren and the lost? Are they a rock of safety when we continually see our deep sinfulness and need of Christ?

It is not the doctrines of Christ that save us; it is the Christ of the doctrines. It is one thing to know about his love; but that is only a preparatory step to towards being made alive by it, living on it and living it out day by day.

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